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JUST ARRIVED!!!! One of the RAREST Thunderbirds!! Factory option: 430 CID "J" CODE Engine!!! LOADED WITH ALL OPTIONS!!! INCLUDING FACTORY AIR!!! VERY VERY FEW Thunderbirds ever ordered with 430 CID Option!!! Beautiful White Body with Rare Turquoise Interior and Turquoise Top !!! WOW!!! Needs a little TLC, but would be show stopper RARE CAR completed!! BUY IT NOW PRICE $15,500!! Call for further description!!! Contact Larry!! CHECK YOUR PRICE GUIDES!!!THIS IS A BARGAIN!!! 30% ADDED VALUE FOR THE 430 ENGINE OPTION!!!!! LAST YEAR FOR THE FAMOUS "SQUARE BIRD"!!!! From the Estate of a Prominent Ford Collector who owned this car for over 20 YEARS!!! This Thunderbird runs very well. I have recently put 5 Brand NEW wide white radial tires (COKER CLASSICS) on this car. This includes the spare tire also!! Also, I have done the following: Rebuilt the power window motors, installed a new tinted windshield, freeze plugs, flushed out the entire system and added new fluids, re-charged the air conditioning system. THIS AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEM WORKS AND BLOWS COLD AIR!!!!!!!! EVEN THE CLOCK WORKS!! The mileage shows 36,000+. Since the gentleman who owned this car has passed, I don't know if this is original, but it sure runs and looks as if it is!!! VERY POWERFUL!!!!! Just polish and drive as is. Still looks great! The only thing this car needs is the following: Has a very minor dent in the front on the passenger side just below the headlights. Small dent also in the bumper at the same location (Look at the picture). The headliner needs to be replaced someday, has a few holes in it, but still looks good. VERY SMALL Blister on paint on the passenger side back fenderskirt, very easy repair (has a little rust there that is causing the blister), but again you really have to look hard to see it! This interior is still serviceable (see photos) but you could replace it at a latter date. Nothing needs to be done right away, you can enjoy the car now as it is. Very little surface rust in a couple areas in the trunk, but very minor. Just scrape off and paint! The trunk liner covers this. I can not find rust anywhere else, so it is a good Texas Car!! You will be very proud to own this rare car. The price is very fair. It has a potential of being a $40,000.00 car if restored correctly. This will continue to increase in value as time goes by. I have read that less than 200 were ever ordered with the 430 CID engine!!! HOW MANY ARE LEFT!!! DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!!!!