SUPERIOR Marble Top Bar Set (JO-521)

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SUPERIOR original marble top front and back bar. Complete matching set. Fabulous condition with white marble and beveled glass displays and mirrors. Two sliding doors on the bottom of back bar. Has rare winged fairies with stained and leaded glass wings which are back lit behind each wing. The body of the Faries appear to be of solid bronze. BREATHTAKING!!! Has THREE art glass gold shades over center of the Two mirrors. GREAT SIZE FOR THE HOME AND BUSINESS!!!!! TAKE A LOOK!!!

Height of back bar: 96"
Width of back bar: 99.5"
Serving height of back bar: 44"
Depth of bottom back bar: 12.5"
Depth. of top piece to the back bar 10"
Front bar height: 42.5"
Length of front bar: 91"
Depth of front bar: 25"

NOTE: This has a cash drawer and one small drawer in the back of front bar, the rest is open for mechanics to what is being served. Could be enclosed with doors or drawers is so desired. This is a Gorgeous Set!!! Transition styling from ART NOUVEAU TO ART DECO!!!